'MOKSHA' SCROLLS | Available Now!!

'MOKSHA' SCROLLS | Available Now!!
'MOKSHA' is the Sanskrit word for liberation, salvation or release and is a central concept in Hindu traditions, but can also be found in Jainism & Buddhism as well. It represents freedom from Saṃsāra, the cycle of death and rebirth, gaining liberation from the bondage of karma. It also refers to a state of self-realization / self-knowledge and is considered to be one of the supreme goals of human life amongst Hindus.

• Made in USA
• 12" (w) x 17.25" (h) *Not including dowels
• Hand Printed on Natural 100% Linen
• Walnut Finish Dowels with Jute Rope 
• Elegantly enclosed with rope & bead
• Edition of 85

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"Neurons To Nirvana"

"Suddenly you notice, that there aren't these separations...we're parts of a single continent, it meets underneath the water and with that goes such delight...the sober certainty of waking bliss." - Gerald Heard

Clip From "Neurons to Nirvana"


Limited Edition 'MOKSHA' Scrolls | Release Date

Limited Edition 'MOKSHA' Scrolls | Release Date
Peace Movement! Here's a sneak peek of the Limited Edition 'MOKSHA' Scrolls that we'll be releasing this week. These are all hand-made / hand-assembled with love and come in an edition of 85...Don't Sleep!!

RELEASE DATE: Tuesday, September 22nd 2015 @8AM pst

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A VISIT TO FANG-OD | Photos By Willie T

A VISIT TO FANG-OD | Photos By Willie T
I just received these photos from the bredren Kyle (Morals Fiber), who recently made the long journey to the hidden mountain village of Buscalan in the Phillipines to visit Fang-Od, the 94 year old Kalinga tattoo maker. She is one person I've always wanted to meet, so it gives me goose bumps just seeing her in these photos with the homie. Little did I know that he would be gifting her with a scarf! It made my day to see how he put a smile on her face with this simple offering...Give Thanks Braddah!

Photos By @justwilliet


Neale Donald Walsch: 'MANIFESTATION'

Neale Donald Walsch: 'MANIFESTATION'
Neale Donald Walsch's Conversations With God (Book I) sold more than 7.5 million copies and stayed on the New York Times best sellers list for a phenomenon 137 weeks. His latest project, The Global Conversation, poses 7 questions that Walsch hopes will change our cultural story to create a reality much closer to a type of heaven here on earth. "Food, water and energy will become major crisis points unless we wake up and change the way we are doing life here on earth," he says. "Seek thee first the kingdom of heaven and all else will be added unto you...Friends, folks, humans everywhere, you got to here me man. We got to shift our values, shift our understanding, change our reason for being. It has nothing to to do with any of this (cars, money, etc...), I promise you."

Full 30 minute interview at